Ecology Objectives:


1.)    Distinguish between species, populations, communities, ecosystems and biomes.


2.)    Understand the factors that affect population size, density, distribution, and dynamics.


3.)    Know the exponential growth (J)curve and S-curve. 


4.)    Know what factors control carrying capacity.


a.       Density-depenedent

b.      Density-independent

5.)    Distinguish the following terms

a.       Habitat

b.      Niche

c.       Symbiosis

d.      Competition

e.       Predation

f.        Mutualism

g.       Commensalisms

h.       Parasitism


6.)    Describe species interactions

a.       Intraspecific

b.      Interspecific


7.)    Describe Succession in a community.


8.)    Understand how materials and energy enter, are used and exit an ecosystem.


9.)    Describe various trophic levels and their roles in an ecosystem.


10.) Compare and contrast terrestrial, aquatic and ocean ecocsytems.