This course is a challenging and yet stimulating introduction to living systems. Emphasis is placed on developing critical thinking skills and well-written assignments. More importantly, learning is a process not an event ! My job is to facilitate you, the learner, and not be simply a dispenser of information. Using various modes of technology, you will be encouraged to problem solve together and hopefully the end results will be an inquistive mind and development of life-long learning skills. With hard work and determination you will perform well. However, the material can seem overwhelming at times. So get involved. Ask Questions. Start using the multitude of resources that are available. Finally, I love teaching biology. But I don't know it all (there's just too much stuff!) My students teach me a few new things every year. Enjoy your time in class and let's learn some biology

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Learning is a PROCESS, not an event!

And ENGAGEMENT is the key to successful learning!


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