Reproductive Case Study 2*


Cory, a nineteen year old college student, has been experiencing some pain for the last couple of days during urination.  He realized his symptoms could indicate a sexually transmitted disease and figured that he must have contracted it from his girlfriend Julie. Cory and Julie had been seeing each other for about 3 months and had just recently become sexually intimate. Julie assured Cory that she had been faithful to him for the entire time that they had been together.


Cory went to the college health center and provided a urine sample that would be used to test for sexually transmitted disease. He returned the following day to find that he had tested positive for chlamydial infection. Cory was referred to a doctor at the clinic who gave him a prescription for an antibiotic that he was to take for seven days. The doctor inquired about Cory’s sexual activities and Cory explained the situation with his girlfriend. Cory explained to the doctor that Julie must be lying to him about not having sex with anyone since first dating him. The doctor explained to Cory that most women with chlamydial infections do not have symptoms and furthermore, that Julie could have contracted the disease before she and Cory began seeing each other.


The doctor told Cory he was very concerned about Julie’s health because undiagnosed chlamydial infection in women can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. He explained that pelvic inflammatory disease is a cause of infertility and one of the leading causes of pregnancy related death. The doctor was adamant that Julie should inform other sex partners of her infection.




1.         Compare and contrast the role of hormones in male and female reproduction.           


2.         Define the following terms.

a.         Ectopic pregnancy

b.         Uterine pregnancy


3.         Describe the pathway followed by a mature egg and fertilized zygote from ovulation to implantation.


4.         How does Chlamydia  cause the symptoms Cory described?


5.         Why would pelvic inflammatory disease increase the risk of tubal pregnancy?

6.         Why did the doctor advise Julie to inform past sexual partners of her infection?

*adapted from McGraw Hill Online Learning Center, Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology,3rd ed.Seely/Stephens/Tate