Excretory Case Study


A patient with renal insufficiency has blood drawn.  The following lab results are obtained (normal values in parenthensis):


Serum (Na+) = 135 mEq/L                   (140 to 145 mEq/L)

Serum (glucose) = 100 mg/dl                (90-100 mg/dl)

Serum (urea) = 100 mg/dl                     (5 to 20 mg/dl)

P osm = 310 mOsm/kg H20              (285-295 mOsm/kg H20)



 1.) Desribe the mechanism by which a peptide hormone initiates a cell response; a steroid hormone initiates a cell response. How are they the same? How are they different? Give a specific example of each and state their effect on the human body.

2.)    Describe the symptoms of a person with renal insufficiency.


3.) What role does diet and hormonal regulation play in control of urine make-up and volume?


4.) Would you expect the plasma ADH levels in this patient to be elevated or suppressed?  Explain.


5.) What might be the underlying causes of this patients condition?


6.) What treatments would you prescribe?