Endocrine Case Study 3:


A 27-year-old woman presents with depression, insomnia, increased facial fullness and recent increase in facial hair. She had also had an episode of depression and acute psychosis following uncomplicated delivery of normal baby boy 9 months previously. Her menses have been irregular since their resumption after the birth (she is not breast-feeding).  Her heart rate was 90 beats per minute and the blood pressure was 146/110. Her face was puffy with an increase in facial hair and ruddy complexion. There was no truncal obesity, peripheral wasting, or striae.  Her serum electrolytes, white cell count, and hemoglobin and hematocrit were all within normal limits.




1.) Desribe the mechanism by which a peptide hormone initiates a cell response; a steroid hormone initiates a cell response.


2.) How are these hormones the same? How are they different? Give a specific example of each and state their effect on the human body


3.) What other lab tests could you order for this patient?


4.) Why are her heart rate and blood pressure elevated?


5.) What is the probable diagnosis for this patient?


6.) Is her irregular menses(period) a factor in your diagnosis?  Explain.


7.) Are the symptoms of depression and increase in facial hair related to your diagnosis?  Explain.


8.) How would you treat this patient?  How would they address each symptom?